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Welcome to Banning Independent Study School

At Banning Independent Study School (B.I.S.S.) our vision, simply stated, is learning. Our mission is to prepare competent, courteous, contributing members of society. Our success will result from our commitment to rigorous academic learning, high expectations, and accoutability, in an alternative education environment. We have a dedicated team of 13 staff, that work hard to provide our students with all of the support and services that they need.

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The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is online NOW!
Seniors who are planning to attend a college, university, or trade school in the 
Fall of 2017 need complete it as soon as possible. Ask your teacher or counselor 
for help. 

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California’s new academic standards – the things we want students to know and be able to do – are designed so students graduate ready for college and a career. One way we measure their progress is through computer-based assessments, which students in grades 3-8 and 11 take each spring. These tests were created specifically to gauge each student’s performance in mathematics and English language arts/literacy as they develop – grade by grade – the skills called for by the standards, including the ability to write clearly, think critically and solve problems. Teachers, business leaders and public colleges and universities all support these long-term learning goals, because they reflect what students need to be prepared for the career and college experiences that await them.

Our students will be asked to come in the Spring to take the CAASPP tests.
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CAHSEE Testing

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Did you know that all high school students should have at least 15 credits by October 14 to be considered on track? Please contact your student's teacher to check on his/ her progress.

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Quarter 1 Complete
Friday, October 14
College and Career Fair
Wednesday, November 2
Veteran's Day
Monday, November 11
Thanksgiving Break
November 21- 25