Banning Alternative Education - Math at BISS

Math at BISS

Integrated Math 1A
When:    Tuesdays 9-10:30
Where:   ROOM 210
Teacher: Mrs. Angulo
Integrated Math 1B
When:    Tuesdays 10:30-12:00
Where:   ROOM 210
Teacher: Mrs. Angulo
Any BISS student who needs help with Algebra, Business Math, Geometry may drop in. Bring your book, homework and questions!
Integrated Math 2
When:    Thursday 1:30 - 3:00
Where:   ROOM 210
Teacher: Mrs. Angulo

Pre-Calculus  and Calculus are offered on APEX ONLY
Statistics is available on Google Classroom

Any BISS student taking pre-calculus or calculus may attend tutoring on an as needed basis on Monday or Friday. Please see Mrs. Angulo.