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About Us

At Banning Independent Study School (BISS), we have brilliant students of all academic levels.


Banning Independent Study School's Student Learner Outcomes

Banning Independent Study School students are expected to:

1. Remain on track to graduate earning 25 or more credits each semester.

2. Increase their college and career skill sets.

3. Be confident in their ability to:

  • Read, write and listen productively;

  • Analyze, communicate and collaborate successfully;

  • Use creativity and innovation to solve real world problems.

Banning Independent Study School students are expected to foster positive attributes such as:

  • responsibility
  • reliability
  • accountability
  • confidence
  • resourcefulness
  • respectfulness
  • honesty
  • and productive achievement

Our Academics

The main focus of Banning Independent Study School is to meet the individual needs of each student. We provide structure, yet flexibility to ensure that each student, no matter what their situation, can satisfy both graduation and/or a-g college requirements. All students at BISS must be motivated and ready to work independently with the help of their teacher and also the subject specific teachers, through various tutoring blocks offered weekly. The ultimate goal is creating success for each student, and guiding each toward college and/or career.

Our Accreditation 

BISS has a 6 year Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation and offers UC approved course work for students who are interested in attending a 4- year university.


Additionally, the teachers at BISS align the core coursework with Banning High School as much as possible. This makes it possible for students coming from BHS and those who wish to transfer back to experience an easy transition.

Electives and APEX

BISS offers a variety of electives from general art, PE, photography and Health to a wide variety of choices on Edmentum.  Also, students have the option of taking a variety of courses online on the APEX program: Spanish and French, Art and Music Appreciation. Online Edmentum is a new avenue to acquire A-G credit and CTE courses as well as electives.
Daniel Banuelos Feb SOM
         Daniel Banuelos           

He has been valuable to our school by serving on our SSC, by serving as a student representative for board meetings and by serving as a mentor to younger students here at BISS.